Yavapai Library Network Introduces Auto-Renewal   

Another Improvement to Patron Experience 


The Yavapai Library Network wants to make your life easier by automatically renewing the items you have checked out beginning June 1, 2020. 

No longer will patrons of public and college libraries need to manually renew eligible items before they are due. Borrowed items will be renewed automatically on their due date, with some exceptions. 

Items will NOT be renewed if: 

  • -Another patron has requested it 
  • -The item reached its maximum number of renewals (up to 3 times for most items) 
  • -Your account is blocked due to billed items or fines of $10 or more 
  • -The item is a digital item, such as an eBook or downloadable audiobook 

You will continue to receive reminders for overdue items. Items borrowed from other YLN libraries are included in this service.  

Check your account online or through the YLN Mobile App to keep track of your due dates, or call your local library for help.  Even if items renew automatically, you can still return them any time before they are due. If items do not renew, you have 3 days to return them before fines are charged. 




When will my item automatically renew? 

The system will attempt to renew your borrowed item the day the item is due. If unsuccessful, you will continue to receive notices about due dates or overdue status, and you may try to renew again any time before you return the item. 


How will I know if my item was renewed? 

You can check your due dates: 

  • Via your courtesy notices [email, text, voicemail] 

  • Via your online account    

  • Via the library's mobile app  

  • Via self-service 24/7 at 928-777-7476 or 928-649-6250   

  • By asking a staff member during normal library hours (see your library’s website for details) 

If your item was eligible for renewal, your new due date will be calculated based on the original due date. For example, you can borrow a book for 3 weeks. If the book was originally due on January 1, the new due date when it renews will be January 22 


Why didn’t my items renew? 

Items won’t be renewed if: 

  • Another customer has requested it 

  • The item reached its maximum number of renewals (up to 3 times for most items) 

  • Your account is blocked due to billed items or fines of $10 or more 

  • The item is a digital item, such as an ebook or downloadable audiobook 


Can I renew my items early? 

Yes, but they will be renewed again on the next due date. 


Can I opt out of the auto-renewal feature? 

No. If you do not wish to keep the item for longer, you are welcome to return items at any time. 


What will the library do to encourage others to return items? 

The library still requires that our customers return items on time and in good shape so that the entire community will benefit. These changes will make it easier to be responsible and for customers to keep the items they enjoy for longer. 

In addition, customers with an item too long overdue will be billed for the replacement cost and will be unable to check out or renew items until resolved. Customers will still be held financially responsible for lost and damaged items. 


What are the benefits of this feature? 

This feature will save you time and give you peace of mind.


What do I need to remember?  

For items that cannot be renewed, you will have a 3 days to return your books before accruing overdue fines.