Y.E.S. Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Access

How can my organization add events to the YES calendar?
  • Any Event scheduled at a participating library can be on the YES Calendar. When you make a room reservation request include in your description that you want the event to be made public.
  • Any Event created in partnership with a participating library will be added to the YES Calendar by library staff.
  • If you are part of an organization that hosts frequent events outside a participating Library, contact the Yavapai Library Network to apply to become a YES Calendar Partner. Fill out and submit the Enrollment Forms here: or call 928-442-5388.
How does the Event Approval Process work?
  • For YCFLD Libraries

    Submit ideas for programs and events to your supervisor for review at least one month in advance

  • For Network Libraries and County Entities

    If your organization is part of the County or the Yavapai Library Network you will be able to publish your own events by following whatever internal approval process you have in place.

  • For Non-County Entities

    If you are another type of entity, your event requires county approval and you will not have the ability to publish your own events. Simply save your event as a draft and a county representative will review your event for appropriateness, and your description for completeness and accuracy.

    We will approve your event or contact you about adjustments within two business days of your submission.

I'm already an enrolled user. How do I log in?

You can log in to the YES Calendar from anywhere.

  1. Open a browser on your computer or phone.
  2. Type in yavapai.events/user
  3. Type in the username and password the calendar administrator sent you
  4. Press “Return” or click “Log in”

Getting the Most Out of the YES Calendar

How do I use the YES Calendar to draw more participants to my event?
  • Write enticing titles and descriptions and use powerful pictures. For advice and best practices from our marketing and outreach team, view this tutorial:
  • Share your event to social media. Each event on the YES Calendar has a unique URL. You can paste that URL into your Facebook or Twitter accounts to funnel your followers to the event page.
How do I learn how to use the YES Calendar?

There is a set of comprehensive, easy-to-digest tutorials that allow self-paced learning. Topics include how to submit events, how to handle reservations, etc. You can access those tutorials here:

For those who learn best by reading, here is a link to the users’ manual:

We also have a set of tutorials for end users. You might want to direct your staff, volunteers, customers, or patrons to this resource so they can become super-users. Access the end user tutorials here:

Trouble Shooting

How do I approve or deny a room reservation request?

If you are listed as the staff member to receive notifications for room reservations for a particular organization, branch, or room, you will receive an email notification whenever someone submits a new reservation request. You can use the link in this email to go directly to the form to review and approve or cancel the request. If you are not already logged into the system when you click the link, you will be prompted to enter your login information before viewing the request.

For more information about handling room reservations, try this tutorial:

How do I edit or cancel a published event?

Once an event is published, it is simple to edit or cancel it if it is a one-time event. Make sure you are logged in to your YES Calendar account, click on the event you want to change and look for the edit or delete buttons toward the top. Make the changes you need and they will be reflected immediately in the public calendar.

Changing or cancelling a recurring event is more complex. See below.

How do I edit a recurring event (also called a series)?
You can edit most details for a recurring event including description, title, and program type by clicking the “Edit Series” button on the event.

You can edit more details for individual occurrences and even cancel them by clicking the “Edit” button on the individual occurrence page.

However, once you create a recurring event (series) by saving it to “Draft” or “Published” you cannot change the date, time or repeat rule. Often the best solution is to:

  1. Copy or clone the incorrect recurring event or series by clicking the “Copy button”
  2. Make the required changes to the copy.
  3. Double check your changes to the copy. Save the copy.
  4. Delete the original.
  5. Note that if any participants have registered for your original event, this deletion will eliminate their registrations. Make sure to copy down any registration information before deleting.

For more on this topic, view this tutorial:

How do I create an event that requires registration by staff?

When you create an event, you have the option of enabling participant registration.

If you click the first button, participants will be able to register themselves for your event through the calendar interface.

If you ALSO click the second button, participants will see that registration is available but that they need to contact you directly to register.

If you ONLY click the second button, registration will NOT be activated at all.